Andar Bahar Game

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Andar Bahar game is a popular betting card game. Extremely simple, yet incredibly interesting and unique, it has attracted the attention of gamblers for several centuries. There are many guesses about the country of its origin, but most likely the version about South India can be considered the most reliable. According to legend, Andar Bahar appeared in Bangalore, the capital of Karnataka, which is extremely rich in attractions and, interestingly, none of them are connected with maps. Most likely, the locals simply loved to spend time gambling and attracted all travelers who were in search of entertainment to this process. As a result, Andar Bahar became known all over the world. It is one of the most famous card games today. She not only gathers a narrow circle of gamblers at a round home table, but also often occurs among the numerous offers of gambling establishments. The best casino table games are sure to include Andar Bahar. In the online slots section, this card game is much less common than the beloved Crazy Monkey, but nevertheless it also has its loyal fans. Many of them are quite public figures. They say that Mark Zuckerberg loves to spend time with this entertainment and, according to rumors, often wins. So what are the rules of Andar Bahar's game and why is it so popular?

Andar Bahar game rules

If there is the simplest and most amazing card game in Jeetwin, then this is definitely Andar Bahar. Let's start with the fact that absolutely any number of players can play here in the desktop version - there are no restrictions on the number of participants. The second interesting point is that there is no need for additional game elements. Chips and other traditional attributes of a gambling card game are absolutely unnecessary here.

Only 1 deck of 52 cards is used. Most of all, the gameplay itself is surprising - during the entire time the game lasts, the participants do not receive cards in their hands. Yes, oddly enough, but it is exactly so. What is the essence of Andar Bahar game? The main task of the player is to make the correct bet, that is, to guess the winning side.

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Gameplay highlights

In the world of gambling, the rules of Andar Bahar online do not change and the essence of the gameplay remains the same.

Features of Andar Bahar Online Game

In the first round, the player has the option to place an additional side bet of his choice. Additional bets in the first round are made on the middle card suit and rank: Hearts-hearts, Diamonds-diamonds, Clubs - clubs, Spades-spades, below 8, exactly 8, above 8. Regardless of whether the additional bet is placed or not, the player must click the deal. When the middle card is dealt, the second betting round occurs. The player must place an Andar or Bahar bet to play the game.

Andar Bahar online: How to play and win online?

As you know, the reputation of ordinary casinos is often questioned. Players all over the world are asking themselves - what are the chances of winning and is there any fraud on the part of a gambling establishment? Could it be that I lose all my money due to rigging results or other fraudulent risks? A specially developed algorithm helps the player to analyze the data and check if there is any fraud or deception on the part of the service, which offers to play in online casinos. The fraud rate in such virtual establishments is 0%, since every transaction can be easily verified using an honest system.

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